Schwarzer Adler The Movie

This film is about a world that most people don’t get to look into at all in the German population and also outside in the rest of the world at large. “Schwarzer Adler Der Film” Translated “Black Eagle The Film” is the first of it kind in the German speaking public about the untold story of black people and the struggles they go through in their day to day lives as everyday people in the Country.

For me as the director of this film it wasn’t difficult to find the lead character and script thats was needed for this short film.

Schwarzer Adler aka Shortlord the recording artist was perfect from the start because of he is speaking fluent German, the life he is living in Germany as one who has been experiencing it, my personal relationship with him as a HipHop/Rap artist and friend since the 90s while living in Hamburg.

If there was anyone to lead this film, Shortlord is the perfect one. After all had been planned I was flying to Hamburg from New York with my camera equipment at hand in June 2013.

I was greeted at the Hamburg Airport by the Co-Director Crumblegg who is a German friend of mine and who has been involved in the filming and Co-Writing from the start on.

The material was filmed in one go with no-budget during one week. Maybe you can imagine what kind of difficulties I had to overcome being the executive of this sort of film.

Now the story is out there to be seen.

Eric IQ Gray

“The revolution will be televised”

Schwarzer Adler

Produced by: Eric IQ Gray & Shortlord


„Schwarzer Adler The Movie” is the title of the short movie written by Shortlord the streetrapper from Hamburg who has been selling his music in the streets of Hamburg for years. The story will guide you through the daily hustle he is going through and show you some of the obstacles he has to deal with.


Isaac Febiri, Jozo Kristo, Flashmaster Ray, Dalila Adwoa Cha Ferrec, Mirjam Lenz, Haji Brown,
Friedericke Mischk, Heimkind, Cooky, Michel Shola AJiboye, Mmathabo Nuñez Lahera, Hendrique Queiroz, Kevin Anahid, Ayo Akin, Mr Candoo

Special thanks:

OZM Gallery, Raumschiff “LMN”, Tropical Point, Baby Cham, Talawah Sound, Unsere Vorfahren,  Alle Supporter

Executive Producers: Eric IQ Gray & Shortlord

Directors: Eric IQ Gray & Crumblegg

Drehbuch: Shortlord

Drehbuch Assistent: Crumblegg

Video edit: Chiliscote / VAM

Sound edit: Shortlord