Eric IQ Gray also known as I.Q. Inc. or just Q.

A dedicated father of a son.

Music Producer, MC and Label Owner.

I have been producing music since 1983. First in Trenton, New Jersey and later overseas in Hamburg, Germany. On my hike as an artist and producer I have emphasized on the quality and the spirit of my music. It has always been important to me to share the knowledge of my craft with others I met on my way generously. Sharing the love of the art form I was born into while providing the voice for the unheard has been like a God given task to me.

Having dived into other music genres, like Electronic Music, Pop, Rock and Reggae or taking cues from them was to enhance and broaden the foundation of Hip Hop, my first musical and cultural home.

Due to producing with nothing more than my SP-1200 I had to concentrate and be always on point. That provided a strict frame to put my music into.

The exploration of new ground is engraved into my path as a musician and producer while being true to the elements of Hip Hop.

One of those elements seems to have been forgotten. Having fun!

After being in this for almost 30 years now, having fun with music is still important to me.


Eric IQ Gray